Recruitment tools are more widely used than ever. Everyone wants to make the best hiring decision possible. After all, a hiring mistake can be costly and hurt your company from a financial, talent, and efficiency perspective.

In a previous blog post, we discussed Top Recruitment Tools for Talent Acquisition. Here we will discuss some additional recruiting tools you can use to improve your hiring process.

Give these top recruiting tools a try:

1. Applicant Screening Software Recruitment Tools

It’s not uncommon for companies to have hundreds or even thousands of applicants for a high profile position. Finding the few candidates who stand above the rest is a challenge. Applicant screening software can help you eliminate the unqualified. It can also assist your hiring manager in narrowing the candidate list. It will save you time. Additional, it will help you focus on candidates who have the skills, experience, and qualifications you are looking for.

2. Google Hire

Google recently entered the recruiting industry with the launch of the “Google Hire” app. It is in line with LinkedIn and other online recruiting platforms. Hire was designed to help medium sized businesses better manage their hiring process. It can help you identify candidates and build relationships, in addition to tracking candidates as they work through the hiring process.

The big plus is Hire is integrated with other Google tools such as Gmail and Google Calendar. This allows you to manage candidates from your Google account.

3. Jobs on Facebook

Jobs on Facebook allows your company to quickly publish job ads that will be accessible to your targeted candidate pool. Your job ad will appear on the Jobs on Facebook page as well as on your company business page. Candidates can search for jobs by industry, location, and type of position, providing your job ad with maximum visibility.

4. Recruiting Agencies

Working with a recruitment agency is perhaps the most effective recruitment tool. Agencies can provide you with the expert support you need to fill your organization with the best talent possible. They can help you improve hiring practices, your approach to interviews, and job ads. They also have access to the top talent you are looking for.

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Bruce Powell

Bruce Powell