Finding top talent is an ongoing process. Sometimes you will hit and other times you will miss. The key is to have more successful hires than mis-hires.  A lot of your recruiting success not only has to do with your hiring process, but also with the recruitment tools you use for talent acquisition.

The difficulty with recruitment tools is that there are so many of them. It’s also important to keep in mind that no matter how good a tool you are using, if it doesn’t work for your recruiting purposes, then you are better off using something else. Yes, technology is providing you with more features and ways to manage talent acquisition, but there is no replacement for a tool that gets the job done.


Here are some of the best tools to use to improve talent acquisition in your organization:


LinkedIn remains one of the best recruitment tools today. There are millions of users, and there are countless features that you can use to request resumes and applications, post jobs, and connect with potential candidates. However, other social media platforms, specifically the Jobs on Facebook feature, as well as Twitter are making it easier to connect with talent online via social media.


This is perhaps one of the most overlooked, but effective recruitment tools. Who knows better what a great candidate looks like than your own employees? If you have a spot to fill, ask your employees to refer anyone they know would be good for the role.


Applicant tracking is a very important part of the recruiting process. Trying to manage hundreds of applications is challenging. What is even more challenging is trying to work through all the applications to find the best of the best. iCIMS provides you with the resources you need to recruit and track applicants effectively.


Another type of applicant tracking system, Jobvite provides you with a hiring workflow, provides you with email-based management of applications, and comes with a searchable candidate database and sharing jobs via social media.

The key to talent acquisition is to have a process that helps you hire the best people. These tools can help simplify the recruiting process for your company.


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