Successful companies recognize how important it is to hire the right people at the right time, and just how pricey the alternative can be when a bad hire is brought on. Searching for the proper candidates takes a lot of time. It’s easy for small businesses to be overwhelmed with the recruitment process and in turn start neglecting their core business responsibilities. For many smaller businesses, it’s unrealistic to employ a whole HR department to handle everything that needs to be done throughout the entire hiring process. This is where it may be smart to outsource talent acquisition.

Some companies may be skeptical, but sourcing quality professionals is hard work, and it can take weeks, if not months, to nail down a great candidate. Why not save the grunt work for someone else while you focus on what you’re there for–your business.


Start strategic partnering as HR professionals learn about your company and its needs. They are equipped with various resources for where to find the best of the best and know exactly what to look for in resumes. Since job seekers are also reaching out to them for placements, their talent pool is extensive. These professionals are able to narrow down the applicants or reach out directly to those they see as perfect fits for the role, leaving only the most ideal candidates in line for the interviewing process.


HR consultants generally employ staff with a higher level of experience, which translates into higher efficiency. With an HR expert solely focused on your recruitment process, everything from advertising the position to hiring a successful candidate is sped up, which saves on expenses. This also saves your staff from being bogged down by the demands of the recruitment process so they can focus on their core responsibilities.


Hiring is expensive. The cost of advertising positions, screening applications, interviewing and running proper background checks is high. This doesn’t include the amount of time your current staff takes to fulfill these tasks for each open position that comes available, not to mention the responsibilities that are assigned to another employee while the position is left open. When you outsource talent acquisition, your HR professional is able to handle all of these details while the management and staff are able to conduct regular business.


Minimal risk is music to every manager’s ears. Even when you get a great feeling about a potential hire, you never really know whether they will mesh with the company or perform well in their new role until you see them in action. Your HR consultant may be able to organize a temp-to-hire contract between the employee and the business. This way, if they are underperforming, you’re able to get the ball rolling on finding a replacement right away.


As every manager has experienced, life happens. Employees are entitled to vacation, sick days, and parental leave, or, maybe your company hires many temporary positions, contract workers or requires multiple interns each year. This is where choosing to outsource talent acquisition can really save you time. Rather than spending multiple hours on hiring for temporary projects or unexpected absences, your HR consultant is able to feed you a constant list of appropriate candidates for any situation that might arise, while complying with the proper laws and policies for these instances.

Whether your business is looking to cut costs or save time and stress, it may be wise to outsource your talent acquisition. As businesses increasingly use these services, the service providers in place have also increased. Be sure to take a look at all of their services offered, even if you’re just looking to outsource talent acquisition at this time–there’s a good chance you’ll be coming back for more in the future.

Bruce Powell

Bruce Powell