You know that having a talent acquisition plan is vital to your organization. You also know that the process of acquiring talent is a costly, time-consuming proposition—one that you and your HR staff may feel unequipped to undertake. You know that outsourcing various HR functions is always an option; no matter if your firm is big or small, you’re likely to need some help with HR, so why wouldn’t you consider outsourcing your talent acquisition as well? Here are a few good reasons you should consider doing just that.


If your HR staff are required to be generalists, or if your firm is just implementing a strategy for acquiring talent, you may quickly find that you are out of your depth. In order to run smoothly, the process requires the best administrative practice and tools, such as specialized software. While you could invest in extensive training for your staff or upgrade the tools you’ve been using in your recruitment activities to date, that will take both time and money. Why not reach out to those who already have the capacity to perform effective talent acquisition? The HR professionals you outsource this task to are experts in the area of acquiring talent, and they’ve already invested in the training and the tools. They’re ready to put their knowledge and experience to work for you—all you have to do is say the word.


One reason that companies outsource talent acquisition is to lighten the load on an already overworked HR department. More and more demands are placed on HR departments, which are also expected to meet requests to be leaner and more efficient. While talent acquisition is important—vital to your firm’s long-term success—it’s also a time-intensive process that requires a lot of resources from your HR department. Are you willing to let things like implementation of a new a wellness program or legal compliance activities fall by the wayside in order to allow HR to devote more resources to acquiring talent? If not, don’t think about hiring another HR staffer—look to outsourcing to meet your needs, and let HR get back to everything else they do to keep your firm running smoothly.


As noted, acquiring talent can be a time-intensive process. That’s especially true if your HR team is made up of generalists; they may require extra training or additional time to make a decision. If the tools they’re using aren’t the most effective, or if your staff haven’t been trained to use those tools properly, you could spend more time dealing with technical issues or worse. And if HR is simply too busy, the process may beeither neglected or rushed—resulting in poor hires and the need to go through the process again.

Instead, save some time by outsourcing talent acquisition. As noted, the HR professionals engaged in acquiring talent are experts using the best tools. That means they can get the job done more quickly—which means you get better hires on-board sooner.


Just as seeking out an expert team of HR professionals with the best tools at their fingertips can save you time, it’s a strategy that can save you some serious money too. First and foremost, since these professionals get the task done sooner, with the right tools, they don’t run up ungodly hours on the project—which results in lower billing.

Next, they also don’t need the training your staff might, and they already have the tools—two expenses that could cost your firm a pretty penny. Finally, their expertise all but guarantees you’ll make good hires, which reduces costs associated with employee turnover and the need to start the search all over again.

Bruce Powell

Bruce Powell