A strong company culture is something that many organizations strive for, but many fail to achieve. It is an important consideration for the top talent in your industry. Investing in your culture and working diligently to keep it alive is a key factor to attracting the right people to your company.


1. Clearly define your culture:

A strong organizational culture is a well-defined one. If you fail to clearly define your company’s mission, vision, and core values, it will be difficult to get people to follow.

2. Make leadership a priority:

If you want your employees to take company culture seriously, leadership needs to lead by example.

3. Hire for cultural fit:

Keeping your company culture alive starts with the people who are part of the culture. While your current employees may embrace what your organizational culture is all about, each time you add a new person to this culture, it could change it. Therefore, it’s important to consider cultural fit as part of your criteria for hiring. Remember, you can teach new skills and knowledge, but you can’t teach the right cultural fit.

4. Build accountability into your culture:

Holding people accountable for their actions is an important part of company culture. But you also need to hold them accountable for upholding company culture, including core values and your company leader’s vision.

5. Reward culture champions:

While most people are required to buy in to keep company culture alive, you need new people internally to champion a strong organizational culture and continue to promote your core values. Reward these people and incentivize them to keep up the great work. Recognize them in company communications and events; assign them a special role or responsibility.

6. Reinforce culture regularly:

Every time you communicate with your employees is an opportunity to reinforce your company culture. Internal emails, training, coaching, team building, and company events are all great times to talk about culture, reinforce core values and make sure your employees understand their role in helping your company thrive. Making culture part of everything you do is the best way to ensure everyone is on the same page.


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Bruce Powell

Bruce Powell