The goal of a job interview is to find the best candidate possible. However, amid our best efforts, finding a great candidate who checks off all the boxes is challenging. The recruiting and hiring process is not perfect. There are many variables in play that can impact your hiring decisions.

There are also some obvious red flags you should be looking for when interviewing candidates. In a previous blog post, Job Interview Red Flags – Part 1, we outlined 5. Here are 5 more job interview red flags to watch for:

1. Poor communication

Being a strong and effective communicator is applicable to almost every job. Your employees need be able to communicate clearly, using a variety of mediums. Candidates who use inappropriate language, use words such as “like” too much, or interrupt are seen as unprofessional. They can also appear less credible and may have difficulty communicating in a professional setting.

2. Lack of eye contact

A lack of eye contact is a sure-fire sign they lack confidence, are lying, or have something to hide. It also gives a poor impression. If they don’t make strong eye contact with you during the interview, how will they react when working with employees or business clients? They may lack the drive and assertiveness to get things done.

Another similar red flag is when candidates display poor body language. Slouching and being fidgety are signs of nervousness and lack of confidence.

3. Lack of specific work examples

When asking questions during the interview, you want specific work examples to support the answers provided by candidates. If candidates provide general examples and cannot provide specifics, it may be a sign they lied on their resume or do not have as much experience as they claim. It is also a sign they are ill-prepared for the interview.

4. What they say seems too good to be true

As they say, if it seems too good to be true, then it probably is. All candidates have their flaws, but if an individual is focused on telling you everything you want to hear, they may be putting it on. Make sure you follow up and check references to verify the information.

5. Rambling during the job interview

Providing well thought out and succinct answers are important. If candidates ramble on and show a lack of cohesiveness in their answers, they may be trying to make up for shortcomings. It could also be a sign they are not good at organizing their thoughts and lack solid communication skills.

More Job Interview Red Flags

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Bruce Powell

Bruce Powell