Keeping up company morale is vital to have a strong, efficient and thriving workplace. Leaders who are engaged in the workplace understand just how much of an impact morale can play in overall company success.

“If you’re tuned into your workplace, you can tell when employees exhibit the subtle and not-so-subtle symptoms of low morale: eye rolls, high turnover rates, fewer employee conversations, decreased collaboration, and diluted performances,” says Sujan Patel on inc.com.

“The best approach to tackling low morale is to embrace positive changes before it takes hold, offsetting boredom and frustration with meaningful benefits, individual acknowledgements, and opportunities to grow,” he adds.

Here are some great ways to boost company morale:

1. Ask your employees

Most companies let HR handle the planning, events, and meetings to help boost morale and engage employees. Rather than create an experience for your employees, why not ask them what they would like to do. This gets them more involved in the process and increases engagement.

2. Recognize milestones

Recognizing personal and professional milestones of your employees is a great way to make them feel like a valued part of the team. Recognize promotions, years of service, and when people go above and beyond to obtain great achievements in their field.

3. Theme days

It’s easy for every day to feel like the previous one. Spice things up by having theme days. Encourage employees to dress a certain way, play theme-based games, and have fun with it.

4. Encourage personal and professional growth

Give your employees the chance to better themselves. Offer training courses and offer to pay for education, seminars, and conventions. This adds another dimension to their job and allows them to add skills and evolve as a professional. This benefits the employee and the organization.

5. Promote company morale during recruiting

If you want people to have high morale, make it clear which type of people you are looking to add to your company when hiring. Promote your company values and the organizational culture you want to achieve. Look for people who fit this mold.

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Bruce Powell

Bruce Powell