Building a strong company culture takes time. And it is no easy task. It’s not a document you can simply refer to. Company culture is a living, breathing entity that evolves and changes with every decision you make. How you operate, who you hire, who you choose to do business with – these are just some of the many factors that help shape your company culture.

Creating a strong company culture, the one you envisioned, a culture people want to be part of, is only the beginning. You need to work hard every day to keep your company culture alive and thriving. But this won’t come without its struggles. Your culture will be put to the test each day, and how you handle these challenges is a key part in maintaining a strong company culture.


Here are some of the common struggles companies face when trying to keep culture alive and how to overcome these struggles:


Your culture is not a document. Trying to fit your culture into what is outlined in your corporate mission just doesn’t work. You need to allow your company culture to evolve organically, and as it does, you can adjust your mission, vision, and values accordingly. Company culture is a living entity, so you need to treat it as such.


As simple as it sounds, keeping open lines of communication with all levels of the organization can be challenging. With things changing at such a rapid pace, it can be tough to keep everyone in the loop, and when you don’t, you risk negatively impacting company culture. You can remedy this by implementing an internal communications tool, such as an online whiteboard, microsite, or newsletter that keeps everyone abreast of what is happening with the company. Be completely transparent, and be open and honest about the direction of the company and its mission and core values.


While it’s important to allow your company culture and workplace environment to evolve organically, you still need people to champion the culture you want to create. Consider hiring an organizational culture advocate or set up a company culture committee to help onboard new staff, engage people in organizational culture-based initiatives and promote company culture from within.


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