It’s not always easy to ask for help. You may feel embarrassed or defeated when you’re struggling, and this can make it difficult to reach out to the people that can help you the most. This is a common sensation in many situations, but hiring managers may feel it most urgently when they think about their recruiting practices.

Filling positions can be a nightmare at the best of times, but they escalate into full-fledged emergencies when you factor in constraints on time and money. If hiring managers panic, they may hire an underqualified employee, which usually leads to further training and replacement expenditures. So how do you avoid these pitfalls and find the most suitable candidates on the job market?

One option is to outsource recruiting. External recruiting firms offer a range of benefits that will help you find professionals who match your needs. Why go through an arduous hiring process when you can get expert service at reasonable prices? Read on to find out how outsourcing can take the stress out of your recruiting process.


A long hiring process sucks up revenue like a sponge. The procedure itself requires a substantial investment, but your operations will also suffer while you seek a replacement worker. This can affect your operations and reduce your productivity, which will eventually impact your profits.

That’s why many companies will settle for a less qualified candidate if they can’t find the right fit immediately. Unfortunately, hiring a sub-par worker isn’t desirable for anyone and can have a drastic effect on your workplace. Unless you maintain a proven strategy or seek a candidate for an in-demand position, your recruitment efforts may be an uphill battle.

If you outsource recruiting operations, though, you can often shorten your search time. External agencies maintain a range of best practices that help them hire faster than ordinary companies. Since their reputations are based on finding the right people quickly, it’s in their best interest to recruit the right people and to do it easily.


Consistent sourcing and talent acquisition are a lot like flossing to many human resources departments. They know they should do it, but they can never quite follow through. Scouting potential employees may not pay off right away, but it reduces the strain of the hiring process when someone leaves suddenly or receives a promotion. Managers also tend to prioritize experience over growth potential, so they stay away from universities and other hotspots for young talent.

External recruiting agencies know that talent acquisition doesn’t stop once you’ve filled every available position. As a result, they take a proactive approach to sourcing, establishing connections with professionals as often as possible. This allows them to maintain long lists of workers who work in many different industries. When you outsource recruiting to them, they can put you in touch with these diligent professionals.


Never underestimate the importance of your office’s culture. Skilled candidates may work perfectly at one company and struggle at another, and an organization’s values and goals play a large part in that difference. Unfortunately, it’s hard to gauge whether someone will fit in after a few short meetings.

The professionals at dedicated recruitment agencies hire a large volume of workers, so they know how to tell if a worker will assimilate well into your work environment. You won’t have to worry about alienated, dysfunctional employees when you work with these firms.

Jesse Ryan

Jesse’s role with AugmentHR is to seek out organizations that can truly benefit from our unique approach to solving HR and talent acquisition problems. After 17 years in the recruitment industry, Jesse is driven to educate on more efficient and cost effective ways to approach hiring. Jesse has worked in every facet of talent acquisition: staffing, corporate, consulting, and as an independent contractor. He has a keen interest in helping others and spends much of his time volunteering with non-profit organizations, like CivicAction, 360Kids and Treble Victor Group. Always on the move, Jesse fills the rest of his free time competing in a variety of sports. Jesse is a former 5 time Karate Ontario champion, military biathlon champion, and an Ironman triathlete.

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