Finding a talented employee in today’s massive pool of potential candidates may seem like a relatively easy task. However, the job market is so massive that many HR employees struggle with knowing where to start or what platforms they should use to find the most relevant candidates. Recruiting can happen offline or over the internet, and unless you are specially trained in the task, locating the right candidate is not a simple project to take on. Here are 3 major reasons to outsource recruiting.


Let’s take a look at the cost of in-house recruiting. First, companies have to shell out for

gas and travel expenses and sometimes even have to pay for VIP candidates to come in for preliminary interviews. It gets even more expensive when you include office supplies, ad space, and premium subscriptions to professional sites like LinkedIn. Recruiter subscriptions to networking sites usually cost over $100/month, and the price is rising. Along with all that, companies pay for expensive recruiting software that can be confusing or difficult to use for HR associates who haven’t been properly trained.

Every year, HR departments spend a huge amount of time, energy, and money trying to fill positions with the right employees. Expenses add up over time and even worse, the money put into an in-house recruiting process doesn’t always pay off. In contrast, companies that outsource recruiting might pay a one-time or monthly fee at a competitive rate they can afford.


Online recruiting requires job postings to be made, updated and reposted on occasion. This is a lot of labour in and of itself and sifting through the plethora of replies just adds to the heavy workload. Then, depending on the industry, there are offline job postings that have to be made. This requires someone to print off ads, distribute flyers, and reply to inquiries over email, phone, and fax. If HR teams aren’t careful, hiring can become a messy and disorganized task.

Outside recruiting agencies do all this work for you. They take care of job postings and sift through all the unfit candidates to find potential employees who are worth interviewing. They also run the interviews and keep businesses informed about potential candidates who suit their specific needs. When it comes time to make a job offer, these agencies even provide expert help with salary and benefit negotiation.


Hardworking students and older individuals with fantastic job experience are reachable through different recruiting methods. While a lot of recent grads respond well to newer recruitment methods such as online job postings and Skype interviews, some baby boomers still prefer more traditional methods of hiring. In order to streamline the recruiting process, companies need to have a clear idea of the type of candidate they’re looking for and they need to understand how to reach them.

It takes a team of skilled professionals to find the unique and talented individuals that will bring something entirely new to a company. Many HR professionals use all the means they can to discover fresh talent and speed up the in-house recruiting process, but finding an ideal candidate can be tough if you lack the proper screening systems and research tools. In order to find truly gifted candidates—including individuals who are currently employed—companies need to have the professional technology it takes to locate and connect with them. Usually, this technology is out of reach.

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Bruce Powell

Bruce Powell