No business is immune to the need to find additional HR support from time to time. No matter the size of your firm, there will always be busy times and special projects that you simply can’t handle with the limited HR resources you have. But what should you do when you need to get a helping hand in the HR department? The answer is obvious: Get some additional help from the experts.


Are you looking for someone to handle a special project, such as an organizational design review, the implementation of a new benefits package, or a lengthy search for a candidate to fill a senior management position? Or are you hoping to get support on an ongoing basis? Situations that you might consider ongoing support for include outsourcing payroll or ongoing talent acquisition, the management of a wellness program, or simply getting some good advice from time to time.


One form of HR support is HR consulting. This service can be performed as a one-time special project, such as an organizational design exercise or an organizational audit, or it can be performed on a more ongoing basis. If you opt for a one-time consulting service, you likely have a special project in mind: Maybe you’re looking for advice on your current benefits package or you’re reviewing how your business can do things better. If you opt for consulting on an ongoing basis, you’re likely looking for advice on a number of aspects of your organization; you may not need or want all of the consultant’s advice or assessments at once, however, so it would be better to hire them on an ongoing understanding.


Another option for getting some additional support in your HR department is outsourcing. Like consulting, HR outsourcing can be completed on a project-by-project basis, or it can be performed on an ongoing basis. For some HR functions, such as talent acquisition, you may need to engage outside HR specialists only for a short period of time. For example, during a busy period, you may ask an outside firm to help you conduct a candidate search so that you can fill 10 new positions very quickly. Your own HR staff are already busy with their work, so they may not be able to realize the quick turnaround you need.

Outsourcing can also be an ongoing situation. For example, if your HR staff are overwhelmed by their current level of work, you might consider offloading some of the functions of the HR department to an outside firm. This can include responsibilities like payroll or benefits administration. Turning these tasks over to someone else allows your staff to deal with other aspects of their work. In both cases, however, outsourcing is an excellent alternative to hiring another HR staffer.


Perhaps you need more than a one-time consulting service, but you’re not keen on outsourcing any of your HR team’s core functions. Your HR team is too busy, but there really isn’t enough work (or budget!) to add another full-time staffer. You’re also wary of adding someone on contract or a part-time staffer, because you know there will be busy times and lull times. Why not consider part-time HR then?

This versatile option allows firms to get more help with their HR as they need it. Part-time HR can scale up and down as you need it, and the experts are also available to help you with virtually any aspect of HR you need. If you need help with payroll this week, and benefits the next, part-time HR can do that for you, on a flexible and ongoing basis.

Felicia Smith

Felicia is the manager of human capital solutions at AugmentHR. With over six years of recruitment experience coupled with multi-faceted HR roles, Felicia is an expert in matching people with the right role and environment. She has worked in many different industries, including investment banking, HR consulting firms, medical, and commercial. Understanding people is one of her strengths, and she has recruited at every level, from directors, project managers, and engineers to operators and general labourers. Her ability to network and develop relationships has been a key tool to her success. With approximately two years of experience managing people and creating a positive work environment, Felicia’s diverse skill set makes her a well-rounded individual. Her business education and background help her identify different business needs and human capital solutions.

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