You’ve heard about workplace wellness programs, and you even know a bit about how they can benefit your business. Like many employers, you’re considering an investment in a wellness program for your employees. You know you need to hire a wellness specialist—but you want to know more about what they do.


Industrial workplaces focused largely on worker safety, but businesses today are becoming more interested in ensuring that their employees are not only safe, but healthy.In a world where traditional health benefits come with hefty premiums and ever-increasing costs, the idea of preventative programs for employee health have huge appeal.

Healthy employees also take fewer sick days and are more productive when they’re at work, which creates additional benefit for employers. Workplace wellness programs are designed to promote healthy, active behaviours in the workplace. This can include programs like seminars to educate employees about healthy choices and creating a lunch-hour workout program.


Beginning a workplace wellness program or even adding to an existing program can seem overwhelming. One of the best first steps is hiring a specialist to help you implement your new or revised program. Whether you’re starting from scratch, looking to revamp a program that isn’t working for your employees, or even hoping to add to an already existing program, a specialist can help you get there. There are many ways a wellness specialist can help you reach your employees.


Most wellness specialists are certified experts who have deep knowledge of wellness. That means they’re well positioned to give talks about aspects of wellness that your employees may be interested in learning more about. Whether it’s about fitness, healthful eating and better nutrition, or mindful meditation to manage stress, these experts can talk directly to employee groups to deliver useful information about health and wellness.


Wellness specialists can also consult with your employees one-on-one to talk about their wellness goals and how they can reach them. Specialists can help motivate employees and track their success—which can help employees manage lifestyle changes that might otherwise seem overwhelming. These experts can also help your employees access resources or direct them to a local doctor for serious concerns.


Wellness specialists are trained to tailor their message to their audience, so they bring exceptional insight to designing a plan to fit your workplace. Examples might include tailoring seminar subjects to proper seating and ergonomics for office workers, or discussing diabetes prevention with a group of of older workers. They can also advise you on the best providers and best plans for your health benefits.

Some wellness experts will have training in the area of fitness; others will have expertise in nutrition. When you’re looking for a specialist, consider what kind of plan you want to implement and hire accordingly; someone with a background in fitness is going to be a better fit if you want to design a lunchtime workout program.


Even the experts don’t know everything, so one of a specialist’s key tasks is actually locating resources and helping your employees access that information. Whether it’s designing posters for your workplace or suggesting local options for outdoor workouts to your employees, a specialist has the tools to find—and disseminate—the information.


While it might seem like specialists can do just about everything related to your wellness program, don’t expect them to lead the lunch hour aerobics class or don an apron and help the cafeteria staff cook up the healthful lunch options on the new menu.

Felicia Smith

Felicia is the manager of human capital solutions at AugmentHR. With over six years of recruitment experience coupled with multi-faceted HR roles, Felicia is an expert in matching people with the right role and environment. She has worked in many different industries, including investment banking, HR consulting firms, medical, and commercial. Understanding people is one of her strengths, and she has recruited at every level, from directors, project managers, and engineers to operators and general labourers. Her ability to network and develop relationships has been a key tool to her success. With approximately two years of experience managing people and creating a positive work environment, Felicia’s diverse skill set makes her a well-rounded individual. Her business education and background help her identify different business needs and human capital solutions.

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