Want to get contacted by HR recruiters? Having a good resume just isn’t enough today. Recruiters have limited time and lots of jobs to fill. If you want to get their attention and contact you, here are 6 things you can do:

1. Be omnipresent online

The internet, and social media, in particular, has provided candidates with a unique platform to get their name out there. So take advantage of it. It’s important to not only have a strong LinkedIn profile, but you also should be active on other social media channels, online communities in your industry, and other places where recruiters frequent online. The more present you are online, the easier you will be to find.

2. Make some noise in your industry

Recruiters take notice of the people who are active in their industry. The more you engage in online conversations, attend industry events, and even blog about current events and trends will help you gain some notoriety. Recruiters are looking for these types of candidates.

3. Give HR recruiters a reason to contact you

A recruiter’s reputation is based on the type of candidates they present to hiring companies. Therefore, you need to give them as many reasons as possible why you are the best candidate. Sometimes you will need to connect the dots for them and show them why you stand out among the pool of candidates they are considering for the job.

4. Optimize your resume

If you want to get your resume in front of a hiring manager, you need to optimize it so it passes through applicant tracking systems. Many companies use them to weed out unqualified candidates. Pay attention to the keywords and phrases used in job ads and customize your resume for the job.

5. Be unique

If you blend in with the pack, then you limit your chances of being contacted by recruiters. Therefore, it’s important to do what you can to be unique, relative to your industry. Use a resume style that stands out, look for different ways to connect, and think outside of the box when filling out your job applications.

6. Make your contact information readily available

This may seem obvious, but if your contact information is not up to date or difficult to find, HR recruiters are not going to spend their time looking for it. They have countless candidates to consider, and if you don’t make it easy for them, they may not contact you.

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Felicia Smith

Felicia is the manager of human capital solutions at AugmentHR. With over six years of recruitment experience coupled with multi-faceted HR roles, Felicia is an expert in matching people with the right role and environment. She has worked in many different industries, including investment banking, HR consulting firms, medical, and commercial. Understanding people is one of her strengths, and she has recruited at every level, from directors, project managers, and engineers to operators and general labourers. Her ability to network and develop relationships has been a key tool to her success. With approximately two years of experience managing people and creating a positive work environment, Felicia’s diverse skill set makes her a well-rounded individual. Her business education and background help her identify different business needs and human capital solutions.

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