Your employer brand image is very important. If you want to attract the best candidates in your industry, having a strong employer brand can go a long way. Top candidates want to work for reputable companies – the ones that provide great employee benefits, have a strong organizational culture, and offer career growth opportunities.

If you offer these perks, you need to make them known to candidates by marketing your company’s brand image.

Here are some effective marketing tactics to promote your employer brand image:

1. Know who you want to be

Before you start to market your company’s employer brand, you need to understand what it is and what you have to offer. Your employer brand is very different than your company brand. You need to distinguish the two. Your brand image is your reputation as an employer, and having a strong brand image can make you a desirable place for people to work.

2. Share employee success stories

One of the most effective marketing tactics to sell your company brand image is to share the success stories of your employees. Use examples of how your employees have worked their way up through the company. Talk about the career development opportunities you provide. Talk about the importance of work-life balance and other principles you hold.

3. Promote company culture using social media

One of the first places job candidates will go when researching your company is to social media. They will check out your Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter pages to learn about your company. Use these platforms to provide images, videos, and other materials that show your company culture in action. Does your company engage in local community events? Share it. Does your company offer educational programs for employees? Share it.

4. Create content for candidates

Your website is one of the most valuable marketing tools you have. Use it to promote your company brand and engage job candidates. You can do this by creating blog posts, brochures, company fact sheets, and even videos that are directed to candidates. These can be used during recruiting to help attract talent.

5. Get your employees involved

Employee referrals and testimonials are powerful. When your employees willingly promote your company as a great place to work, others will follow. Consider offering an employee referral program. Reward your employees who assist in recruiting new talent.

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Bruce Powell

Bruce Powell