It’s the little things that matter, especially when it comes to creating a strong company culture. There is a reason why people are drawn to some companies and stay away from others. Above salary, benefits and other work perks, it’s the day-to-day company culture that makes people want to apply to work for your company and continue to work for you for years to come.

1. Commit to the company culture

Having a strong culture is no easy task. It takes time, resources, and effort to build and shape it over time. While company culture is ever-evolving, you still need to define it first to understand what you are striving to achieve. Having a set of core values and principles will lay the groundwork and provide you with a base from which to work. With this established, you can work on improving your culture each day by implementing some of the following:

2. Morning huddles

Morning huddles are a great way to get the team together and discuss what needs to be accomplished and help build morale. Coming together collectively for a few minutes each day can help build a strong and engaged team.

3. Communication

Don’t leave employees in the dark. This is why open communication is so vital. Companies with a strong culture understand this and keep their employees in the loop about everything that is happening from a strategy and business perspective. It will also make people feel valued and a bigger part of the team.

4. Coffee

Everyone loves coffee. Treating your team to coffee and treats now and again is a simple way to show your appreciation for all the hard work they do for your company.

5. Thank you

Simply uttering the words “thank you” can do a lot more for morale and company culture than most realize. Make your people feel appreciated. Just saying thanks to your employees when they do a good job can have a positive impact on culture.

6. Feedback

The more feedback, the better. As annual performance reviews become a thing of the past, it’s now becoming commonplace for companies to provide feedback in real time. Doing this allows employees and managers to work better together, shortcomings can be improved, and there is a more open and honest channel of communication.

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Bruce Powell

Bruce Powell