One of the most attractive features of HR outsourcing is the flexibility it offers your business. Whether you are a small or medium sized business, large corporation, require long term HR assistance or need a short term HR outsourcing solution, you have options.

Most companies, when seeking a short term solution, opt for a la carte services externally to fill a specific void of HR function until they can make adjustments internally.


Use these tips to get the most out of your HR outsourcing strategy:

1. Establish a Timeline:

Defining what short term means is important. For some companies, this many mean 3 months; for others, it could mean 6 months or more. Establishing this timeline ensures that you and your HR consultant are on the same page, and it also ensures your internal HR staff know what to expect.

2. Know if Long Term HR Outsourcing is a Possibility:

It’s not uncommon for companies to opt for a short term solution and have it turn into a long term HR strategy once implemented. When establishing your relationship and working parameters with an HR outsourcing company, keep the door open and have a discussion about the possibility of transition to a long term arrangement and the steps needed to make the switch.

3. Be Specific About Your HR Needs:

Short term HR outsourcing tends to be specific by nature. Most companies wouldn’t hire a full service HR consultant for two months and then revert back to having everything operate internally. In most instances, short term HR outsourcing focuses on a specific HR function, such as recruiting or executive search, a one off project, or ensuring your company is compliant with new industry regulations.

4. Maintain the relationship Post-outsourcing:

You never know when you could require a short term HR solution in the future, especially if you are a small business or in a growth phase. To ensure you have maximum flexibility, establish and maintain a strong relationship with your consulting company – this will make it easier for them to come onboard when a new project arises.


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